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June 2016

Found 9 blog entries for June 2016.

Are you on the cutting edge of technology?  Is your company conducting business based on 3 to 5 year plans?   This is appropriate for certain aspects of the organization, but if that is how they are addressing technology, they are dinosaurs.  Innovation is constant and we see that every week in technology.   There are things we are using on a daily basis that did not exist 12 months ago, and now we cannot believe we ever did business without them.   This is not going to change, it's only going to speed up.   Are you on the cutting edge of technology?   Is your broker?   If not, you're going to find yourself falling further and further behind.   At a certain point you may just give up thinking that you cannot catch up.   Don't worry.  Take a deep breath.

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As a real estate agent, you do a lot of preparation before meeting with a homeowner to discuss their listing. Researching the area and past sales, running reports, and compiling an accurate comparative market analysis (CMA) all take time and effort, but you understand that it's important to give your clients the most accurate listing price. After all this work on your part, there's nothing more frustrating than having the seller insist on overpricing the more at Unrealistic Seller Pricing: How to Handle it Like a Pro




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At long last, the FAA outlined rules for using drones and issued 500 permits for commercial use, with real estate businesses winning the lion’s share of them — more than 30 percent — the most popular application being aerial videos that showcase homes. You might be asking yourself if using drones in your real estate business is viable — even necessary — to stay competitive or if it’s just a flash in the pan. Whatever you decide, drones are shaping up to be the next evolution in real estate more at:

Using Drones for Real Estate Photography



1449 Brandywine Rd Crown Point, IN 46307 from Shawn Spaw on Vimeo.

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Custom built home at 506 Eastwood Dr Kouts, IN 46347 $265,000 with 2598 finished square feet, 4 bedrooms & 3 bathroom on a .34 acre wooded lot.


506 Eastwood Dr Kouts, IN from Shawn Spaw on Vimeo.

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I see agents competing against other agents in their offices, or in their area, or MLS.  This is a rookie mistake.  Why would you compete against thousands of people?  In my MLS there are over 2500 licensed agents.  Why would you try and compete against any of them?  I am not saying you would not see what someone is doing and try to improve upon that or even emulate it.  I am saying why would you judge yourself against any of them?  We all bring different talents to the table, so it is already not a level playing field to begin with.  Some agents have a large family that can give them an instant sphere to work with.  Others might come from a different career area that helps them find business.  My point is that you are going to burn yourself out in life

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So you've been thinking for months about buying a new home.   You have a lot of big decisions to make.   You may or may not have to sell your current home.   Where do you start?   Who's the first person you call or look up online?  

You can go online and read reviews and that is very helpful.   A good place to start would be searching for realtors on major real estate websites.  Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, are the big 3.   You might choose a brand-name that you are already familiar with or has been suggested by a friend or family, and search from their agents.   Asking questions to people who have already been through the process is also a very important step.   The key here is to do research before you just grab an agent because they are the ones with

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I really enjoy making these videos for my clients and I hope you are enjoying them as well.  It adds a new dimension to marketing a home and gives the buyers a better sense of the area.  It is perfect for homes on larger lots or acreage.  If you know of anyone who has tried to sell a farm or a unique property and they just have not been able to catch people's attention, this might be the right answer for them.  I think it will be more and more common place.  I know it is quite popular in larger markets and on the east and west coasts.  


575 Queenswood Rd Valparaiso, IN from Shawn Spaw on Vimeo.

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